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Have you Ever Dreamed?

This is very Special Server 
The Game Takes Place in The Epic season 16 part2 with many upgrades & Secrets !
And There will be only 6 iconic  Legendary Charcters To Start Play with .

The Dark Knight !!
The Dark Wizard !!
The Elf !!
The Dark Lord !!
The Magic Gladiator !!
The Rage Fighter !!

Each Year We Will add another 1 Char base on Players Votes and Events.

The Reason we allow 6 chars is To Make The Arm race
and Market Grow with 6 classic chars only !
And we belive it will make a very intersting close combat game !

Update . 2/5/22- The server will open in few days .

Posted31 / 05 / 2022ByMr_Negoday

Currently this is only one server.